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 Sports Nutrition for health and fitness

Sports Nutrition and Supplements

  Improve performance, speed muscle recovery, & increase strength and endurance

  • Are you falling short of your performance goals? 
  • Do you want to compete more effectively? 
  • Are you tiring too easily? 
  • Do you suffer prolonged soreness after exercise? 
  • Are your energy levels too low? 

Quality sports nutrition supplements are designed to work with your own body's resources to reduce the feelings of fatigue, stress, and the guilt and frustration associated with not meeting your performance goals. You can increase your stamina and energy for lifetime fitness.

 So where do you start?

Before we even speak about supplements, let's start with examining everything that is going into your body through your mouth, nose and pores. Re-evaluate what your eat, drink and put on your skin.

To start, you want to make sure you have a solid high quality nutritional foundation.

  • What foods and drinks are you consuming on a daily basis? 
  • What is being fed into your body through your skin, the largest organ in the human body? 
  • Do you incorporate organic raw fruits and vegetables in your diet every day? 

Raw fruits and vegetables make up the all-important water-containing category of food. It is earth's elixir for our bodies containing macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and adjuctive nutrients the body needs to perform optimally daily. Your body requires carbs, proteins and essential fatty acids for optimal output, although athletes do require a greater proportion of carbohydrates to protein than the general population.

  • Proper hydration is vital. Are you getting enough of the right types of fluids in your body before, during and after exercise? What about electrolytes?
  • What about sleep? Is your sleep deep and restful? Are you getting enough? 

Even if you eat organically and incorporate all the food groups required, we still recommend you supplement your food intake to improve your performance and overall health with natural dietary sports nutritional supplements. And, the more frequent and intense you train, the greater the need for supplementation.

Throughout our website, you will notice many suggestions that we hope you will find helpful. Our philosophy is to help you not only enhance your performance, but to do so in a drug-free, natural way that will keep you active for the rest of your life, living with vitality and enthusiasm.

You will find various products and services recommended throughout this site. We have examined and tested these products so we can recommend them to you with confidence. We are ingredient readers and have been for over 30 years. We believe in quality over quantity. We hope that you enjoy our recommendations and look forward to your success.

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