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How To Control Cortisol – Reduce Stress and Lose Weight

Dr Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACMS) and the American Institue of Stress (AIS) and an expert in health management and faculty member at the University of Utah Department of Nutrition, has written a book entitled “The Cortisol Connection, Why Stress Makes You Fat and Ruins Your Health – And What You Can Do About It

In his book, Dr. Talbott explains that our bodies react to stress and anxiety by realeasing the “stress hormone” cortisol. Adaptogens work to moderate this spike in cortisol to normal, healthy, stress-free levels. He explores dieatary supplements, including adaptogens, that can be used to control cortisol levels.

The Cortisol Connection explains how the American lifestyle promotes elevated cortisol levels — too much fast food, not enough sleep and fast-paced schedules — and contributes to stress and weight gain.

“There is very good scientific and medical evidence to show that chronically elevated cortisol levels are associated with obesity, hypertension, diabetes, moodiness and Alhzeimer’s disease,” Talbott writes. “Adaptogenic herbs appear to provide a ‘buffering’ or ‘balancing’ action that counteracts an exaggerated adrenal response to stress and reduces cortisol secretion back down to normal levels.”

How to control cortisol? Primorye® Stress Relief Plus is packed with primary adaptogens that do precisely what Dr. Talbott focuses on in his book: lowering stress levels to promote a healthier lifestyle. It is a natural, healthy and proven way to avoid the side effects of stress — and promote weight loss. Especially when used in conjunction with O So Slender™ weight loss supplement program.

Delicious Healthy Organic Vegetarian Meals

Don’t you wish you could cook and eat healthy meals? Did you know that more and more people are seeking vegetarian alternatives? Wouldn’t it be nice for you and your friends to enjoy cooked meals that were both healthy and tasty at the same time?

You need look no further than a book from caterer Leslie Cerier called “The Quick and Easy Organic Gourmet”. Leslie offers a creative collection of organic recipes. The dishes focus primarily on whole foods, with some recipes including fish. Also included in her book are tips, hints and instructions on preparing and cooking meals like stir fries.

“The Quick and Easy Organic Gourmet” also covers a variety of topics including:

  • Community markets, co-ops and gardens
  • Making substitutions
  • The Five Phases of Food
  • Common improvisations for all recipes
  • Calcium without the Cow
  • Recipe first aid
  • And so on and so on and so on

Although this book is designed for vegetarians, vegans, allergy sufferers and those interested in food as a means of healing, you will find it beneficial for anyone who is keen on improving the quality of their diet. Some mouth-watering recipes include: pastries, cookies, muffins, breads, casseroles, etc.

If you, your friends and family are looking for a way to spice up your cooking with healthy food, this book will make a great addition to your shelf. All the recipes are well laid out and your body benefits from better nutrition. Delicious healthy meals without meat, wheat, dairy or sugar from Leslie Cerier.

Enjoy the book and share your experiences with us.

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